Edmontonians might not be the most discerning hockey fans in the NHL — they’ll slap their money down and fill the arena no matter what management puts on the ice — but they do lead the league in mood swings. They’re up, they’re down, they’re happy, they’re mad, they’re patient, they’ve had enough. And that’s in a good week. Fortunately for the Oilers, they’ve become very adept at surviving in a climate of massive emotional shifts, which is fitting, given that it’s a climate brought on largely by their own inconsistency. “We can’t forget what we’ve been through here,” said head coach Dallas Eakins, listing off the dips and crests, mostly dips, of a roller coaster season. “This group has been through it and they do amaze me sometimes with their resiliency.” The Oilers are pretty good at blocking out an increasingly negative backdrop, which, they admit, isn’t necessarily something any team wants to be good at, but it helps keep them sane.