Oilers last had a super heavyweight enforcer in Steve “Smac” MacIntyre This just in from TSN’s Bob McKenzie on Twitter: “Is this good time to note EDM which was looking for super heavyweight BEFORE last night is now ramping up that search.” This tweet comes after incidents where various Vancouver tough guys Zack Kassian and Dale Weisse targeted Oilers star forwards Sam Gagner and Taylor Hall with dangerous reckless and illegal blows to the head Kassian with his stick and Weise with his shoulder. They are the kind of plays regularly seen in the NHL where the league consistently refuses to take effective action against such blows to the head. Both the Kassian and Weise hits are under league review but we’ll see what comes of them. I expect little. As for the Oilers attempting to bring in a heavyweight no doubt McKenzie knows of what he speaks as he’s the most well-connected reporter in hockey right now. McKenzie has been reporting on this effort for a few weeks now. A Cult of Hockey poll shows that a majority of Oilers fans about 60 per cent support this search for a goon. As I reported earlier with the Toronto Marlies last year new Oilers coach Dallas Eakins didn’t have a true enforcer though he had a tough guy in Mark Fraser. The massive Fraser got in 10 fights but he also played defence and that’s not a place you can hide someone with no hockey skill a true goon of the game. In 2011-12 Eakins had Fraser Kelsey Wilson and Kyle Neuber on the Marlies with only Neuber an enforcer type. Wilson was 6-foot 1-inches 210 pounds played wing got into 71 games had five goals and got 96 penalty minutes. He got into nine fights. Neuber was 6-feet 2-inches 215 pounds got into 34 games had one goal and 109 minutes. So he fits the definition of a true enforcer. Neuber got into 11 fights that year according to DropYourGloves.com. In 2010-11 Eakins had some ready and willing guys on the blueline in Matt Lashoff Danny Richmond Jay Rosehill and Mike Brennan but no enforcer on the wing. The team also had tough guy Jay Rosehill but he’s listed as a defenceman on that team not a winger. In 2009-10 Eakins’ top scorer on the Marlies was massive Andre Deveaux who got more than 200 penalty minutes but he could play a bit at that level and he was a centre as well. He got in nine fights that year. That same year Eakins dabbled with an enforcer in 20-year-old Richard Greenop a massive heavyweight winger who played 42 games had two goals and 17 fights.