The famous mullet has had some alteration since he left the Edmonton Oilers 4- years ago, and his legs may not get him from A to B quite as quickly, but his heart is what sets Ryan Smyth apart from the rank-and-file NHLer. Home is where his heart is, just ask him. The smile couldn't have been wiped off his face Tuesday afternoon as he sat in the Lux Steakhouse and Bar, where he's got some sweaters hanging on the walls. Smyth is thrilled to be back, looking for a new house after he visited Edmonton three weeks ago to see friends who just had twins. "This is a young team here, but I still feel young," said Smyth. "The experience I have ... I hope I can be a mentor to the young kids. The one thing I'm missing is a Stanley Cup and there would be no greater feeling than to win one back in Edmonton. It's a young team going in the right direction." Smyth might not be around when they challenge for the Cup because he turns 36 in February, but he's trying to live in the present and not get too far down the road. He would love to get a new contract after his current one runs out on July 1, 2012, but his play this year will dictate where that goes. "Everybody's aware of where Ryan is with his contract, in his last year, but there's been no discussion from either side on a new one. The business side will take care of itself," said Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini. Smyth, who scored 47 points last season in Los Angeles, wants to be in Edmonton for a good time and a long time but isn't pressing the issue. He was drafted in 1994, when Taylor Hall was two years old. Now, Smyth's a mentor.