The Edmonton Oilers' season began with much hope on January 13, but when their heads hit the pillow on Jan. 28 — after a 4-3 loss on home ice to the Toronto Maple Leafs — they were a 3-6 team.

At that point they were wondering — and so were we — who the real Edmonton Oilers were?

Were they the team that stood three points out of first place in the Pacific Division when the pandemic ceased play on March 13, 2020? The club that looked like it could win at least one playoff round?

Or were they the team that lost to the 12th-place Chicago Blackhawks in four games, bowing out of the bubble before the playoffs even began, officially?

As we deliberated, the Oilers went out two nights later — on Jan. 30 — and beat the Leafs in OT. It would be the beginning of a run of .714 hockey that continues through to tonight, when the Oilers take an eight-game home winning streak into play against the Montreal Canadiens.