The Edmonton Oilers were already on the lookout for an enforcer to beef up their team a hunt that only seemed to intensify when Sam Gagner suffered a broken jaw on Saturday at the hands stick of Zack Kassian. They found their man on Monday in the form of a waiver claim from the Penguins. Former Oiler Steve MacIntyre is headed back to Edmonton. It's not every day that a waiver claim is very interesting but it is more so with MacIntyre especially with the aftermath of the brawl in Toronto still on everybody's mind. MacIntyre is not a useful hockey player. What he is though is a useful enforcer (that is if you find that kind of thing useful). Now you assume that MacIntyre has a pretty good shot of making the team as the 12th forward and could get some ice time. Because you know those four points in 91 career games will help out immensely. More seriously the Oilers thought they needed an enforcer and they got one for pretty cheap too. I don't think it's a good idea in today's NHL to spend a roster spot icing a guy who has one clear strength in his game and it had seemed like new Oilers GM Craig MacTavish was inclined to agree he didn't ever show much need for fighters. But he saw one now and went out to get one.