Edmonton Oilers winger Jordan Eberle got traded for Steve Stamkos in a funny Coke Zero TV commercial that’s a runaway hit on nhl.com and on YouTube, but that was play acting. Eberle knows it would never happen in real life. “I think I was the guinea pig. He went out and scored five (against my team) and I was minus five in the (make-believe) game,” said Eberle, who’ll see Stamkos for real on Thursday night in Florida when the Oilers play the Tampa Bay Lightning. In the commercial, Stamkos’s dad, the team coach, calls him into his office and tells him he’s regretfully trading him for Eberle’s character, Kevin Wheeler. TSN’s Bob McKenzie hams it up as an all-knowing Zamboni driver who chimes in that it’s a great deal getting Wheeler. “Last year, we did one with Coke and it was just me playing Wheeler. This time around they wanted that character, so they could put a movie script together to keep the idea going,” said Eberle, looking a little different with his Movember moustache. Stamkos wasn’t available Wednesday at the Lightning’s practice rink to talk about the two-minute commercial, but he did tweet “It was a lot of fun to look at myself in a commercial shilling for a soft drink. I’ll kindly suggest Stammer stick to his day job.” Stamkos had more lines in the TV spoof, but Eberle said there’s nothing wrong with his acting chops. Eberle was very good in the earlier Moment Zero commercial playing Wheeler with the former TSN pair of Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole as a pair of cops. He’s also done very well on those ATB Financial commercials. But Eberle bows to Stamkos’s great on-ice skill set. Stamkos, once a 51-goal man who also hit 60 in 2011-12, has 11 goals in 14 games this season. “He’s a little different than me. We play different games. He’s bigger, he’s known for his speed and his shot. I don’t know if I was born with that height,” Eberle said with a laugh. “He’s got one of the best shots in the NHL; much like (Alex) Ovechkin, you have to take away his time and his space. You have to be careful with him.” Eberle hasn’t scored in six games; hasn’t had a point, actually. He’s overdue to break out, with just three goals in 16 games. “It is frustrating because I’m a goal scorer and I’m paid to put the puck in the net,” Eberle said.