Carl Lewis, who mastered both track and field in his heyday, once said that “if you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win.” Steve Stamkos, who last season became only the 20th player in NHL history to net 60 goals in a season, said just before the Tampa Bay Lightning opened their lockout-shortened season that he always had confidence in his skill set. But now he is confident that he is physically capable. So if it is indeed a lack of confidence that has seeped into the Edmonton Oilers lineup, the team is in a mighty big predicament. The Oilers came out of Columbus a day late and a point short, and now have the Detroit Red Wings to contend with. They haven’t won in Detroit since Dec. 3, 2009, and goaltender Jimmy Howard is not only sporting a stingy 1.16 goals-against average in his last six games against Edmonton, he has fashioned a .96 average in his last two appearances. To top it all off, the Red Wings are 4-1-1 in the six games they’ve played since Feb. 23. “We just have to get our confidence and our mojo back in this locker-room,” winger Ryan Jones said. “We need to recognize that we are a good hockey team. “It’s a tough road trip as it is, and if we make it tougher on ourselves, it will be never ending.”