Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is looking for a fortunate bounce. The kind Jeff Carter got Sunday night for the Los Angeles Kings, scoring a pair of goals without having to take a shot. Not having scored in well over six weeks, Nugent-Hopkins needs the puck to bounce in for him off an opponent’s butt to snap out of his scoring slump. “That would be nice right now,” Nugent-Hopkins said. “The puck bouncing in off my ass would be good, too. I just have to go to the net and get one in off anything.” Nugent-Hopkins has not scored a goal since Jan. 26. He has three points in his last 11 games and been shut out completely in five straight. As the Oilers first-line centre, that’s not good. “I try not to get too frustrated with it. Once you start getting frustrated about stuff like that, then that’s when it really starts to weigh on your mind too much,” Nugent-Hopkins said. “I try to work on it, I try to create stuff. But when I’m not scoring, if I can try to pick up in other aspects of my game and really improve on that, it would be good. “Obviously I want to be productive, that’s the type of player that I want to be. I just have to be out there creating chances every time I can.” In order for the Oilers to be successful, they need the first overall pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft to be productive.