Braxton Miller could have accepted the Silver Football and turned in a circle at midcourt at Value City Arena on Wednesday night knowing he was saying goodbye to Ohio State fans, knowing that the biggest job interview of his life at the NFL Combine was coming up. Instead, Miller faced those fans knowing he'd see them again. Knowing that history awaits him. Miller is one of four players to twice win this award as the Big Ten's best player, as voted on by league coaches. He'll enter his senior season at Ohio State with the chance to become the first player to win it three times. He'll be back after sitting down with Urban Meyer and his father, Kevin, after the Orange Bowl and making a decision that he said Wednesday he felt he would always make. “I always knew I was going to eventually make that decision and I was going to come back,” Miller said in his first interview since making that choice. Miller said he received a good draft evaluation from the NFL, “one of the best feedbacks you can get,” he said. He didn't divulge it, saying he'd reveal it "maybe when I leave next year." But it wasn’t the absolute best it could have been. Or he may have been gone already. Kevin Miller said Wednesday that the right kind of draft grade would have changed anyone’s mind. “That’s a business decision if you’re guaranteed top 10 or first round,” Kevin Miller said. “I think that would change a lot of people’s minds.” Instead, Kevin Miller fell in line with what Ohio State coaches have said about his son, and what Braxton himself has said. Very good. Can get better. "I felt like I left little things out on the field," Miller said. "I am never going to tell someone in that situation what to do," said offensive coordinator Tom Herman, who was there with Miller for the award presentation. "I can tell him what I think and what I see as his best case scenario, worst case scenario and middle of the road scenario. And in my opinion, this was the was the best thing for him because he didn’t have really anything to lose and everything to gain by coming back. It was very wise, very mature." Right now, Kevin Miller said there hasn’t been any second-guessing about what the right move was. “He already has set his mind to what he has to do this year for next year’s combine,” Kevin Miller said. “He still needs a couple things to brush up on – reading defenses and things like that. But (in everything) else he could have been a first-rounder, depending on how many teams are in need of a quarterback. You never know, a team might fall in love with you. “He’s shown the talent that he has by winning the Silver Football two years in a row. And so the talent is definitely there.” That talent has brought Miller a long way to far. But not all the way. "I can achieve all my goals," Miller said. "There's a lot of things I think about and that's why I wanted to come back."