About the only good thing about Joel Hanrahan’s rough outing yesterday was that his wife, Kim, wasn’t around to watch it. “Luckily I didn’t put her in labor — she was at the doctor today so she couldn’t watch,” said Hanrahan, who is leaving camp after his appearance tomorrow in order to fly home to Texas for Monday’s scheduled birth. Their son will be named Ryan, dad’s middle name, and it’s fair to say dad will not be going into too much detail about what he was doing at work leading up to the birth. Hanrahan’s spring transition into life as the Red Sox closer has not been a smooth one thus far. After four appearances and three innings, he has allowed six earned runs, four walks and nine hits. That’s not anywhere near the kind of numbers the Red Sox are expecting from the ex-Pirates closer and it is certainly not what Hanrahan is expecting from himself. And even though he could have said he was distracted by the impending birth of his first child, Hanrahan did not offer that or any other excuse. What he does have is experience on his side, and an explanation about how that experience will help turn around his results.