The NBA trade deadline is just around the corner, and there was a time when OG Anunoby was the most likely name to find a new home ahead of February 9th.

Suddenly, Kyrie Irving’s contract negotiations with the Brooklyn Nets went south, and now he is a Dallas Maverick.

During the last few weeks leading up to the midseason trade deadline, trade rumors have been circulating aggressively. Undoubtedly, everyone knows who the top candidates are for being moved. There is, however, one name that stands out above the rest: Anunoby.

With the exception of the wildest rumors, of course. Sure, it is possible that Trae Young or Karl-Anthony Towns could be moved. There is just a very slim chance of that happening.

There will be plenty of interest in him. There is no doubt that Anunoby is one of the top two-way wings in the entire league. This is the type of player who can be used alongside any other player in the league because he is so portable. 

In exchange for him, the Toronto Raptors would have to consider three packages in order to secure him. 


Memphis Grizzlies

Toronto Raptors Receive: G/F Danny Green, G/F Ziare Williams, 2023 First-Round Pick (MEM), 2025 First-Round Pick (MEM), 2027 First-Round Pick (MEM) 

Memphis Grizzlies Receive: F OG Anunoby 

It will be a divisive issue when it comes to the value of Anunoby, on the other hand. 

As it has been widely reported, the New York Knicks (more on them later) offered the Toronto Raptors three first-round picks in exchange for OG Anunoby. There is no doubt that that offer set the market in motion. 

It is still possible that some teams will reject that evaluation. It is fair to say that it is a steep price to pay. There are three unprotected first-rounders who have the potential to become offensive superstars, as impactful as Anunoby is.