Public opinion has not sided much with Eric Bledsoe's decision to turn down the Suns' four-year, $48 million offer in favor of empty hope for a maximum-level deal with Phoenix or another team. Opinions on Bledsoe's five weeks of free agency are drenched in bias. Suns fans might feel Bledsoe never embraced Phoenix. Suns personnel could argue Bledsoe has no suitors and has not established elite status in a half-season of starting. Bledsoe's camp might maintain that the Suns' publicly stated intention to retain him has discouraged other bids and that Bledsoe's potential and performance rival those of higher-paid players. But even team executives and agents with no vested interest side with the Suns. Four current NBA executives and two prominent agents were anonymously unanimous in their belief that the Suns made a fair offer to Bledsoe and that he does not merit a maximum-salary contract now. One executive considered $48 million to be more than enough. "I'm surprised that they would offer him that much," he said. "They don't need to. It is really fair and, in fact, generous. He is talented, but he has never put it together very long, and he hasn't been healthy. It's hard to turn your team over to him."