Tim Tebow is back in the NFL, as you may have heard. It will be an unfamiliar sight, both because it's been half a decade since we've seen him on a football field and he won't be the one throwing the football this time. When the Tebow signing was announced earlier this month, reports from every side were extremely clear: Tebow is coming into camp to try his hand at tight end, and nothing else.

It was almost suspiciously transparent given the cloak-and-dagger attitude NFL organizations tend to employ about literally everything, much less a high-profile player like Tebow. Others seem to think that's the case. Dianna Russini reported this morning on ESPN that some around the league believe Urban Meyer actually plans to use Tebow in a Taysom Hill-type role in Jacksonville.

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That does seem a bit more likely to a logical mind. Giving Tebow time at tight end during camp would let him get used to having the ball in his hands in a catch-and-run situations. Turning around and using him in whatever you want to call Hill's position would then free him up from having to learn the blocking assignments and other complicated factors that come with actually playing tight end.