In the NFL, all relationships have a price tag. That’s why, even though the Patriots love wide receiver Brandin Cooks, they’ve got to be practical about their chances to retain him for the long haul. And if they don’t believe a contract extension is a viable option, they should consider an off-the-wall trade scenario that could benefit all parties involved. The Patriots should look into trading Cooks to the Giants for superstar receiver Odell Beckham Jr. It sounds like a crazy idea that may never happen, but there’s some legitimate logic behind it. Before going any further, it must be stressed that there is no indication from the Patriots or Giants that this trade has been discussed or even if the idea has crossed the minds of any of their decision makers. This is just a fun trade scenario that makes far more sense than it theoretically should. To start off, Cooks and Beckham are both set to play under their fifth-year options in 2018, so they have identical $8.459 million cap hits that wouldn’t deter a transaction. And then, due to uncertainty over future financial implications, Beckham would be a better one-year option for the Patriots while Cooks could maximize his long-term value in a deal with the rebuilding Giants. From the Patriots’ side, they have to assess the likelihood of how long they’ll continue to pay Cooks, who told the Herald in November it was “absolutely” his desire to play the remainder of his career in New England. Cooks was adored by his coaches and teammates last season, as he amassed 65 receptions for 1,082 yards and seven touchdowns (plus 209 yards in accepted pass interference penalties, including the playoffs). They admired Cooks’ work ethic and durability, particularly in practice when he rarely missed a snap.