The firings of GM Jerry Reese and head coach Ben McAdoo made for a Monday, bloody Monday around the Giants but did not answer all the questions about what transpired and what comes next. Here’s a few to tackle: Q: How does all of this affect Odell Beckham Jr.? A: No doubt, Beckham’s head is spinning as the only NFL franchise he’s played for undergoes a massive overhaul. As he recovers from ankle surgery, Beckham knows he is on the books in 2018 for $8.459 million and he is seeking a long-term extension. Perhaps he decides he would rather go elsewhere once he sees who the Giants bring in to run the show. Co-owner John Mara said, “I certainly expect him to be a part of this team in the future, but that will be a discussion also with the incoming general manager and the incoming head coach and we’ll make whatever decision we think is appropriate going forward.’’ So, stay tuned. Q: Does Steve Spagnuolo have a shot at removing the interim tag and actually becoming the head coach in 2018? A: That’s a tricky one. Ownership has great regard for Spagnuolo as a coach and a man, but they tried keeping things in-house with McAdoo replacing Tom Coughlin and it did not work out. Hard to believe they would go that route again. Spagnuolo went 10-38 in his three-year stint as the Rams head coach and would love another chance. Q: Does Chris Mara have a chance to become the general manager? A: Mara, the Giants’ senior vice president of player personnel, is a respected talent evaluator throughout the NFL and has always desired to run an NFL team. In the past, the Tisch family balked at this, not wanting to get into a situation where at some point they would have to fire a member of the Mara family, as Chris is a younger brother of co-owner John Mara. It is unlikely this will work out with Chris Mara’s promotion to GM.