If you're a fan of the NFL (and only the NFL) then you would've appeared to have lucked out when it came to the timing of the coronavirus spreading throughout the U.S. The Super Bowl was easily fitted into the 2020 sporting schedule, and then about a month afterward said virus fucked shit up for the in-progress NBA and NHL seasons. It also de-railed Major League Baseball two weeks before the new year was set to begin.

This, of course, is to say absolutely nothing of prep sports and pro leagues outside the Big Four.

That said we wrote "would've" in the opening paragraph because now the NFL season is right around the corner, every team starts their training camp(s) later this month, and yet the virus continues to rage like a virus that nobody's really doing anything about. And though Roger Goodell's not blinking, it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility that the pandemic will disrupt the upcoming year. Set your expectations accordingly. 

On that note, on Tuesday Cleveland Browns player and NFLPA president J.C. Tretter penned a letter in which he called out the league for not taking player safety more seriously. In addition to worries about the virus, Tretter’s concerns also include fears that extended time away from the game will lead to more players suffering serious (non-virus-related) injuries. That full letter can be found here, but we also made our best effort to grab relevant excerpts.