If/when (when) gambling becomes legalized, the NFL will make plenty of additional money. And the league will need to spend plenty of it, in order to ensure that players, coaches, and other persons connected to the league and its teams don’t get too close to the action. A lengthy, too-good-to-be-completely-true-so-it-probably-isn’t story about a high-stakes gambler in USA Today connects the gambler, known as Robert Gorodetsky, to Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. According to Gorodetsky, he met Beckham through Beckham’s cousin, and Gorodestsky loaned Beckham $10,000 at a blackjack table. They played for four hours, and Beckham invited Gorodetsky to dinner. And here’s the kicker: Gorodetsky claims that Beckham sent a text indicating an interest in betting $20,000 on a baseball game. The only problem with that? The league’s gambling policy prohibits the placement of wagers on a wide variety of sporting events, include pro and college baseball. Beckham’s agent, Zeke Sandhu, denied the contention. “We do not know Robert nor can we confirm any of his statements,” Sandhu told USA Today. “We have confirmed with Odell that he has never placed any bets on any professional sports games. We can assure you that he has and will always continue to comply with all of the NFL’s rules and regulations regarding gambling activities.” (Gorodetsky has posted on social media a photo of himself with Beckham in hallway of a hotel floor, but that hardly means Beckham knows Gorodetsky.) In most cases like this, that would be the end of it. But Gorodetsky, who seems to thrive on the perception that he’s a major player, told USA Today that Beckham’s cousin was “flipping out on me.”