Technically speaking, Rasheed Wallace has been more than the Knicks could have anticipated. He's been a positive presence in the locker room and on the court, and get this: the player who holds the NBA record for technicals hasn't been booked yet. Yes, 'Sheed still has never met a referee he agrees with, and the more Wallace plays, his streak of no T's will end sooner rather than later. But the Knicks can live with an occasional loose lip as long Wallace remains productive, and like the rest of the Knicks' aging roster, stays healthy. "He's giving us so much out there," Tyson Chandler said. "Not even when he's on the floor but on the bench. Last year a lot of times my voice was the only voice out there. Now there are so many voices. "We got so many defensive players. Then you got 'Sheed on the bench. A lot of times he's screaming. I may be focusing on something on the left side of the floor and I can hear his voice from the bench. That kind of alerts me and then I'm able to get everybody else's attention. He's doing great things on the bench as well as obviously what we see him bring to the game." Wallace, 38, signed a one-year deal with the Knicks in October after a self-imposed two-year exile from the league. He spent most of his time at his Chapel Hill home working out with college players and never lost his passion for the game. "Yeah, I took two years off from the NBA," Wallace said following Monday's win in Philadelphia. "So yeah, I didn't take two years off period. That's what a lot of people think but I didn't." Read more: