There has been so much emotion, so much panic lately over the idea that the Giants are playing a game of chicken with their second-most-popular player. Just the thought that they’re letting Victor Cruz dangle in midair over a bunch of sharks ready to pounce is galling to their increasingly impatient fans. The odds, though, are pretty good that Cruz is going nowhere. There may be a “risk,” as Giants co-owner John Mara noted, to giving him a first-round restricted free agent tender, rather than signing him to a lucrative long-term contract. But it’s a small one. And it’s a risk the Giants are absolutely right to take. This has nothing to do with the Giants being cheap, or not wanting Cruz, or their lack of salary cap space. This is simply the Giants doing the right thing for their business, as the collective bargaining agreement allows. Cruz is still a year away from unrestricted free agency so they don’t have to give him a mega-contract at the moment. They can buy time — as the $2.879 million tender did — until they have a better idea what his market value really is.