Andre Williams never meant to cause any harm. Just after midnight on Thursday, a little more than a day after he had said just enough to set Rex Ryan off, the Giants’ rookie running back took to Twitter to try to clear up that he had never tried to talk trash to the Jets, although he did add that “there can only be one” winner on Friday night. Somehow, one of Williams’ quotes had been blown out of proportion in a published report, he said, creating a firestorm he never intended and touching off the latest trash-talk jabs between the Giants and Ryan’s Jets, who face off at MetLife Stadium on Friday. “Smh, boy I probably shouldn’t even say nething more bcuz sometimes things get taken outta context,” Williams tweeted. Williams was referring to a story in which he was quoted as saying that he thinks the Giants are “the real New York team,” a remark that he said was never meant to be painted as trash talk. Williams, by all accounts, is a quiet and humble running back, but his comment was put up in bright lights, drawing a hearty response from the Jets coach.