In his first postseason with Denver, Wilson Chandler had foot issues — and shooting issues. In his second postseason with Denver, the injured Chandler didn't even play. And now in his third postseason, he's finally healthy, but the shooting by "Ill Wil" has been sickening. Yes, yes, he hit the big left-corner 3-pointer Friday, with 16.5 seconds left, cutting the Golden State lead to one. But in the series, Chandler has shot just 33.3 percent, yet has taken 13 shots per game, third-most on the Nuggets. Heading into Sunday's Game 4, with Denver down 2-1 to Golden State, Chandler has put up shooting nights of 5-for-16, 4-for-15 and then 4-for-8 in Game 3. And he was on the floor in the third quarter of Game 3, when Golden State began its scoring deluge — 33-18 was the score of the quarter. "We cooled down a little bit, probably got a little bit too relaxed at the beginning of the third," Chandler said. "We should have come out in the third quarter the way we came out to start the game. We learn from stuff like that. Hopefully, we can correct it for the next game." Perhaps what has been most frightening about his shooting hasn't been his 3-ball, with which he's 3-for-11 in the series (though 4-for-6 on the left side of the court). It's the fact that he's shooting 5-for-16 (31.3 percent) from the paint. Chandler has averaged 9.3 rebounds per game during the series, while valiantly trying to fill the rebounding void of the injured Danilo Gallinari and of Denver's wishy-washy centers. For the season, Chandler averaged 5.1.