The Nuggets' new world order was, in fact, slower. More deliberate. Just as calculating. And on Friday night, just as effective. If the Nuggets had to play without their turbocharger, injured point guard Ty Lawson, they may as well start at home — where, this season, adversity does little more than bounce harmlessly off their seemingly Teflon-plated chests. As such, the Brooklyn Nets became basketball victim No. 33 this season as the Nuggets knocked off the Nets 109-87 at the Pepsi Center, snapping a modest two-game losing streak. The win, their 18th straight at the Pepsi Center, pushed the Nuggets' home record to a sparkling 33-3 and went a long way to reinforce the reason why home-court advantage in the first round of the NBA playoffs would be of immense benefit to them. "I bribed them that they would get two days off, other than voluntary maintenance (Saturday)," said Denver coach George Karl, when asked why his players were motivated. "Hopefully Ty gets in and gets a lot of rehab. "Players like playing time, money and days off. Those are the three things they enjoy getting rewarded (with)."