The ball didn't bounce on the rim as much as it palpitated. It did so in rhythm with 15,272 heartbeats, as the Pepsi Center crowd watched this orange tease on the rim. And then? WOOOOOOO! Danilo Gallinari's impossible circus shot gave Denver a 110-104 lead with 46 seconds left, clinching Tuesday's tough win against the Milwaukee Bucks, 112-104. In transition, Gallo leaped into the air — and into Mike Dunleavy Jr. — and as he fell toward the ground, he somehow released a hook circus shot with his right hand. The ball danced on the rim, off the backboard, onto the rim, and in. "The fans loved it for the tacos, I think," Gallo said with a smile, in reference to the Taco Bell promotion if Denver scores 110 points in a game. "It was an important shot." Gallo tied Ty Lawson for a team-high 22 points in Denver's seventh consecutive win, the longest winning streak of the season for the blue and yellow. Thankfully, fans won't be referring to this as "The Dalembert Game." Entering the evening, Milwaukee's Samuel Dalembert averaged 5.7 points per game. His season-high was 15 points for the 31-year-old center. He shredded Denver's defense. He was just in a zone. He even hit jumpers (he's a 6-11 backup center!). By halftime, he was 10-for-11 in just nine minutes. He tied his career-high of 27 with four minutes left — in the third! — and in just his 12th minute of play. It was unreal, like that scene in "Old School," when Will Ferrell's idiot character, "Frank The Tank," has to debate political guru James Carville, and the first question is: "What is your position on the role of government in supporting innovation in the field of biotechnology?" Read more: Nuggets rally to defeat Milwaukee Bucks for seventh consecutive win - The Denver Post Read The Denver Post's Terms of Use of its content: