Kenneth Faried tried to pull of a double-double Saturday night, but the Nuggets' second-year forward wasn't able to win the slam-dunk contest during All-Star Weekend. Coming off an MVP showing Friday night in the Rising Stars Challenge game, Faried used the backboard on both of his first-round dunks Saturday night. His second dunk drew a perfect score. His first dunk, which he passed off the backboard then caught and did a 360-degree spin before a one-handed dunk, drew just 39 of a possible 50 points. But it was his second dunk that stunned the crowd and the judges. He earned a perfect 50 when he caught the ball off the backboard then went between his legs before slamming it. It took him three attempts before he made it happen. "I didn't come into the weekend thinking, 'Oh, I want all of the attention,' " Faried said Friday after his 40-point game. "I just came in to have fun, no matter which way you try to put it or what people try to say, 'Oh, he wanted the MVP.' I didn't want it. I couldn't care less. As long as I have fun playing the game, to me, that's all that matters."