The proclamation was a perfect prelude. Prior to Kenneth Faried's fourth double-double in six games — 21 points and 11 rebounds against the Portland Trail blazers on Tuesday — Greg Anthony said on NBA-TV that the Nuggets power forward should be an all-star reserve. "I think Faried has had an all-star caliber year," Anthony said on air. "When you play with the passion and fire that he plays with, it wills his teammates to compete just as hard." Entering Wednesday, Faried had averages of 12.5 points and 10.2 rebounds, and he had a 19.33 player efficiency rating, which is 30th-best among players who average at least 29 minutes per game. Denver is 24-17 and has only one more road game left in January. Before Wednesday's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Nuggets coach George Karl said, "We could have a very good record" at the all-star break, "but I haven't heard one name mentioned (for all-star consideration). Anywhere." To be fair, Karl might not have caught what Anthony said. "Kenneth has probably been the most consistent of our starters," Karl said, "but he's an energy guy, so he's not going to get much love."