New Nuggets executive vice president of basketball operations Tim Connelly met the media on Thursday morning and outlined a front office he wants to be cohesive, making decisions as a team. "I'm a big believer in working with, not working for, and that's up and down," Connelly said. "I think we had a lot of success in New Orleans with that mind-set, so I can't wait to work with (Nuggets president) Josh (Kroenke), work with our head coach, work with our staff. It's a collective decision-making process." Kroenke said hiring Connelly was a quick process. Last week, when it became known that the in-house candidate, Pete D'Alessandro, was moving on to Sacramento, Kroenke made arrangements to meet with the 36-year old Connelly, a person he'd liked since meeting him on the NBA trail years ago. After a couple of "pointed questions" over dinner, Kroenke said, he offered the job to Connelly, who was the assistant general manager in New Orleans, calling it "an easy decision for me to make." "We have a culture of family and a culture of fun here in the Denver Nuggets front office," Kroenke said. "As long as Tim and I are on the same page about having fun going forward, I think it's going to be a great relationship."