Somewhere from above, Red Auerbach choked on his cigar. James Naismith put a peach basket over his head to cover his eyes. This wasn't a basketball play. This was something from another planet. What it was, well, it was awesome. In the third quarter of Denver's 105-95 Wednesday win against the Rockets in Houston, center JaVale McGee had the ball at the right elbow, dribbled once to his right but stopped. Omer Asik leaped. McGee ducked under him while, in one motion, he flung the ball up toward the backboard. "When I threw it, I was thinking dunk," McGee said. "I thought if I didn't dunk it, I was going to get taken out of the game." Indeed, he caught it with just his right hand and unleashed a mammoth one-hand slam. And he stayed in the game. The dunk gave Denver an 80-64 lead in the final minute of the third quarter, perhaps Denver's best quarter of the season. The Nuggets led just 46-44 at the half, but outscored the home team 36-22 in the decisive quarter, one in which Denver shot 61.9 percent and McGee scored six points (for the record, McGee was not awarded an assist for himself, nor a missed shot for the toss to the backboard). And McGee, because he's McGee, made a silly mustache motion with his index finger across his face after the slam — sure enough, McGee has a mini tattoo of a handlebar stache on his finger. "That dunk doesn't fall under the fundamental area of basketball, but in the same sense, it worked, and I'm glad it worked," said Denver coach George Karl, who won his 1,100th game. "I hope he doesn't try it a lot in the future. Read more: Nuggets get road win over Houston; JaVale McGee delivers dazzling dunk - The Denver Post Read The Denver Post's Terms of Use of its content: