Adam Wainwright was the best Cardinal to ask.

The veteran starter has been in the game long enough to get a grasp of its ups and downs. He’s not afraid to speak his mind. He also knows how far and fast his words can carry.

It was this combination that turned a Wainwright quote into national headlines a little more than a year ago.

You probably remember the comment, said by the pitcher at spring training 2019, back when camps were deep into their schedule while multiple star free agents were still awaiting contracts.

“Unless something changes, there’s going to be a strike, 100 percent,” Wainwright said during a radio interview with The Morning After. “I’m just worried people are going to walk out midseason.”

I’ve had plenty of time to sit around and think the past few days. Who hasn’t? One baseball thought keeps coming back.

Maybe, just maybe, this coronavirus-induced shutdown will steer baseball toward a silver lining of sorts.

Let me be clear.

There is not a plus side to a global pandemic.

Rich players and richer owners rediscovering they share more common ground than they realized does not outweigh lives endangered and lost. Obviously.