I'm not sure to what extent good PR really matters in baseball. Ultimately, if your team is good, people will come watch it, unless you're the Rays. If your team is bad, people will stop coming to watch it, unless you're, I don't know, one of the exceptions. The Mariners don't need to do things for PR reasons -- the Mariners need to do things that would have good PR side-effects. Because of the winning. But with all that said, for whatever it's worth, dropping Chone Figgins was a good PR move. Another good offseason PR move would be signing Felix Hernandez to a long-term contract extension. This is something we've talked about on and off for months, and now Ken Rosenthal has put the topic back on or near center stage. The next big contract in baseball? It could go to Felix Hernandez. The Seattle Mariners continue to talk to Hernandez about an extension, according to major-league sources. And while no deal is close, the Mariners are at least weighing a four-year, $100 million proposal, sources said. A summary of information: Felix has two years left on his contract Felix seems extremely open to remaining in Seattle for the long haul for some reason