Eric Ebron was up late one night last week, still in the recovery room by his fiancée's side, when he started welling up with pride as he held his newborn son, Oliver Dash Ebron. "I think it was about the third night when I was just sitting up with him one night and he was just staring at me in my eyes," Ebron said. "It (was like) somebody was in the other room cutting onions, something, cause I just was like, I just started crying cause it’s just an amazing feeling. Especially someone that looks exactly like you. So it’s definitely crazy." Ebron spent his bye last week becoming a first-time father, and the fourth-year Lions tight end said that experience has given him a new outlook on life that he hopes will help him on the football field. "The switch is just like, it’s amazing," Ebron said. "It's just like how fast and how important everything becomes, everything that you’re doing because now you’re setting an example not only for yourself and for people that look up to you but for one person that’s eventually going to walk and want to be like you and want to talk like you and want to act like you. So it kind of changes your whole perspective upon everything. The way you wake up, the way you brush your teeth. It's everything." Ebron has had a trying first half of the season with the Lions. In what's essentially a contract year after the team picked up the non-guaranteed option on his rookie contract, Ebron has 13 catches for 102 yards heading into Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.