At 63 and with nearly three decades of head coaching experience, Notre Dame coach Mike Brey fits the mold of a coach who might be fatigued by the avalanche of changes cascading over college basketball. But instead of whining, Brey sent a sharp rebuke on Tuesday to his colleagues who are expressing discontent over the way mass transferring and name, image and likeness deals are changing the sport.

"We got to stop complaining," Brey told reporters at the ACC Spring Meetings in Amelia Island, Georgia. "This is the world we're in. Last time I checked, we make pretty good money. So everybody should shut up and adjust."

Among those trying to adjust are the NCAA, which released guidelines Monday in regards to NIL that target the "collectives" formed by boosters to woo players with high-dollar offers in what is widely viewed as a "pay for play" scheme outside the boundaries of NIL.