Charlie Weis received his final payment from Notre Dame, completing one of the most notable buyouts in recent college football history. The total bill extends beyond what some coaches have made or will make in their entire career: $18,967,960. Weis received over $6.6 million from Notre Dame when he was fired in 2009, and he has continued to receive about $2.05 million each subsequent year, according to the Indianapolis Star. The news comes with the release of Notre Dame's federal tax return for the 2015 year, when the final installment of that payout ($2,054,742) was made. While Weis was making around $2 million per year from Notre Dame, per the termination agreement, he continued to coach as an offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL and at Florida for Will Muschamp before being named the head coach of Kansas prior to the 2012 season. When Weis was fired by Kansas in 2014, he added an additional buyout check of a reported $5.6 million from the school.