There have been a lot of mammoth contracts thrown around the last few days in the NHL, but the one hatched between the Bruins and presumptive No.?1 goalie Tuukka Rask was relatively modest. Rask wants to be a top goalie. The Bruins want to see it first. So they're giving him a year and $3.5 million to prove it. General manager Peter Chiarelli, who yesterday confirmed the deal that was reported Thursday, said there wasn't much talk of a long-term deal, which a couple of other goalies have received this week. "You'd have to ask Tuukka, but he wants to prove that he's a No.?1 goalie for the Bruins for a long time. So this was the easiest way to set the stage for that," said Chiarelli. "Tuukka's been a really good goalie for us, but (except) for one year, he hasn't been the No.?1 goalie. The stage is set for him and we'll see where it takes us. But as far as the negotiations, there were discussions of comparable players — you've seen there were a succession of signings — but it was fairly straightforward." Rask is scheduled to remain a restricted free agent next season and be eligible for a qualifying offer of $3.5 million. But with the current CBA expiring, there is a chance the rules could change and Rask could be a unrestricted free agent next year.