North Carolina junior Justin Jackson is declaring for the 2017 NBA Draft and intends to sign with an agent, he tells Scout. “Obviously it’s hard because I’m going to miss these guys,” Jackson said. “I’m going to miss the coaches and I’m going to miss being here on campus. That part of it was hard. It wasn’t too hard because of how I played this year.” “I think I put myself in a pretty decent position,” he added. “I can obviously still get better in a bunch of different area. I think I put myself in one of the best positions I could be in. I accomplished a lot while I was here winning a national championship and I just felt like ending it that way and moving along. I felt like it was the right time.” Jackson, a native of Houston, had a breakout season, leading the Tar Heels to a National Championship, while averaging 18.3 points a game, up from 12.2 as a sophomore. He also contributed 4.7 rebounds and 2.8 assists a game. “I will always say it’s the preparation that I put in,” Jackson said when asked what led to his big year. “That’s what gives me confidence. Last summer I got up Lord knows how many shots. I tried to get up as many shots. It felt like I had done it time and time before.”