In the wake of the ongoing federal investigation that rocked the college basketball world last week and implicated shoe companies — namely Adidas — in bribery to high school recruits, North Carolina coach Roy Williams is coming to Nike's defense. "They've never helped me get any player, never insinuated, never done anything," Williams told ESPN of the shoe enterprise's potential involvement in any wrongdoing. "I've dealt with Nike and Jordan Brand since I came back (to North Carolina), but we never even discuss things like that. So I know it's foreign to me." The defending national champion Tar Heels opened practice on Monday. Of the scandal itself and the idea of shoe companies paying money-hungry recruits under-the-table, Williams said there's no "perfect answer." "I think that you can't legislate honesty," said Williams. "You can't legislate morality. You just try to get people to do things the right way. Is paying the players the answer? I'm not saying it's wrong, but I don't think that's the answer."