Erik Karlsson had quite an eventful day. He spent time in coach Paul MacLean's doghouse, he set up the winning goal and he invented a new word. "I bobble(bleeped) the puck and it wound up in the back of our net," the Senators defenceman said of his part in a first period goal by Florida's Nick Bjugstad, who accepted Karlsson's gift then cut out in front of him to jam a shot by Robin Lehner. But wait ... bobble(bleeped)? Is that all one word or two? "I don't even know if it's a word," said Karlsson. "Bobble(bleeped). Ah well, (crap) happens." Karlsson also made a wrong choice to go for a hit at the Panthers blue line, creating an odd man rush for the visitors that didn't wind up costing the Senators.