The Rangers were expected to announce Wednesday that CEO Nolan Ryan will remain with the club and end a six-week drama in which he considered leaving because he was uncertain of his role going forward after the promotion of Jon Daniels to general manager/president of baseball operations. A baseball source told Randy Galloway that the announcement from the club will be in the form of a news release that will contain no quotes from Ryan or principal owners Bob Simpson and Ray Davis. Those three met Sunday afternoon to discuss the situation, their first known meeting since Ryan flew from spring training in Arizona on March 8 for a meeting in Fort Worth. Daniels was promoted March 1, along with Rick George to president of business operations, and Ryan lost the title of team president while remaining CEO. Simpson and Daniels maintained that the Rangers' power structure had not changed and that all decisions had to be run past Ryan. But Ryan, according to sources, has wanted to ensure that his voice mattered in baseball decision-making, and also didn't want to be seen as a figurehead.