Texas Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan released a statement about his role with the Rangers on Sunday. It contained four sentences and 70 words of nothing. "Over the last week, Ray Davis, Bob Simpson, and I have been in discussion and met in-person," the statement read. "The conversations have been productive, and we have discussed my role as CEO of the organization. We agreed these discussions will continue as we go forward. "I am very proud of what the Rangers have accomplished over the last several years, and I believe our preparations for the upcoming season are what is important." This doesn't tell us a single thing we didn't already know, which is that Ryan doesn't like his new role with the Rangers, and he's trying to figure out whether he wants to remain with the franchise since some of his power has been usurped. Ten days ago, the Rangers named Jon Daniels the club's president of baseball operations and Rick George the club's president in charge of business. The moves reportedly give Daniels final say on all baseball matters and George the final word on all business matters.