As an offensive lineman, Atlanta Falcons right tackle Ryan Schraeder loves going no-huddle. Schraeder has been around long enough to see how effective it can be, particularly with a quarterback like Matt Ryan running it. "For us, there's a lot of different factors involved," Schraeder said. "It keeps the defense on their heels. They're scrambling trying to get their play set, and they usually have to have their pretty basic defense. Sometimes, they can't pressure as much. "It gives us a chance to line up, get set, and come off the ball. When we keep that going, we can wear teams down as well." Sounds like a good formula to use against the Carolina Panthers' stout defensive front seven in Sunday's NFC South clash. But it's not as easy as just going no-huddle every possession. The Falcons (4-3) have to convert first downs to keep it going, and third down hasn't been friendly of late: Atlanta is just 7-for-23 on such conversion attempts over its past two games. And going no-huddle isn't the smartest thing to do if your defense needs a break following a long drive.