The Bulls took Saturday off, meaning they have four days of activity and two games remaining until the All-Star break. That would be all well and good if they didn't have a first-time All-Star in Joakim Noah, who admitted late Friday in Salt Lake City that he still is battling through effects of plantar fasciitis in his right foot. The most commonly used treatment for Noah's condition is rest. But Noah vowed late Friday not to miss any games. Previously, he said he had no plans to skip the All-Star Game. Something, it seems, has to give. And for the Bulls' sake, it better not be the fibrous tissue on the bottom of the right foot of the emotional engine and rebounding and defensive force that Noah represents. It's certainly possible for Noah to attend next weekend's All-Star festivities in Houston and not play, or play sparingly. Luol Deng vowed not to miss his first All-Star appearance last season in Orlando despite playing with torn ligaments in his left wrist.