Thanks to a stunning display of February pitching that started with a 100-mph fastball and never slowed down, Noah Syndergaard turned his first spring training outing into a reason for Mets’ fans to dream again. If he makes it to Opening Day, that is. As exhilarating as it was to watch Syndergaard mow down the world champion Astros over two perfect innings with blazing heaters, as well as a 92-mph changeup that Jose Altuve said would strike him out 100 out of 100 times, I can’t help but ask: Was it smart? I guess the ultimate answer is we’ll find out. If he is still standing at season’s end, with 200 innings under his belt, then he will have been proven right for continuing to believe he can flaunt his superior arm strength by throwing harder than any other starting pitcher in baseball. If not, well, Syndergaard did find out last year that he wasn’t as super-human as he thought, tearing that lat muscle after ignoring warning signs and famously refusing to take an MRI. He claimed to have learned a valuable lesson from that five-month injury, saying he completely changed his workout routine, de-emphasizing strength in favor of flexibility. He even proudly announced he stopped doing pull-ups. Still, you have to wonder if he got carried away with wanting to prove he was back, especially against a lineup as imposing as the Astros, who played most of their regulars.