Jeff Green doesn't think he needs to prove anything to anyone. He doesn't feel any extra pressure despite the fact that the Celtics struggled after acquiring him in a major trade at the Feb. 24 deadline. And he isn't worried about replacing center Kendrick Perkins, who was beloved in Boston. Green obviously hasn't listened much to talk radio, watched many local sports shows or read many columns since he arrived from Oklahoma City as the centerpiece of the deal that sent Perkins to the Thunder. "I don't worry about it," Green said. "You all are the people that always bring it up, not me. It goes in one ear and out the other." Part of the reason the talk has persisted is Green hasn't delivered what general manager Danny Ainge promised he would provide. Upon his arrival, the 6-foot-9 24-year-old was touted as a versatile, dynamic offensive player who could help guard premier wings. So far, he has done neither consistently. Green clearly was miscast as a James Posey clone, because defense is not his forte. He's shown flashes offensively, but only has averaged 9.8 points in 23.5 minutes per game with the Celtics. By comparison, Perkins averaged 10.1 points in 27.6 minutes last season, and offense always has been considered his weakness.