Bill Belichick always says he makes moves with the best interests of the team in mind and doesn’t care about the headlines. He wasn’t afraid to bring in controversial receiver Randy Moss or let fan-favorite Wes Welker leave in free agency. But his latest move will surely test that mantra. Belichick signed unwanted “quarterback” Tim Tebow yesterday. The lightning rod was let go by the Jets this spring after a season in which he barely got off the bench on a very bad team. On his way out, and even before, there were plenty of coaches and players claiming he just couldn’t play quarterback because he simply can’t throw the football well enough. That may still be true, but Belichick has always liked Tebow’s makeup and competitiveness. He brings intangibles that can’t be taught. How else could he lead the Denver Broncos to the AFC divisional round before losing to the Pats two seasons ago? While there was plenty of speculation Tebow’s days were done as an NFL quarterback, he wound up in one of the few places where he provides absolutely no threat to the incumbent, and where the accompanying media circus will immediately be squelched. Should we really be all that surprised he landed in Foxboro at Belichick’s side? If Tebow had any ideas of remaining in the NFL, this was the best and perhaps only marriage for him. Add in Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who moved mountains to draft him in Denver, and it was almost a no-brainer. Tebow can comfortably exist in New England with Tom Brady, and perhaps even thrive if he allows Belichick and McDaniels to use him in any number of roles. Given he agreed to come, you’d have to believe he’s put himself in Belichick’s hands, which may be the only way for him to resurrect his NFL career.