Ask long-time scouts about the best hitter they've seen entering the pro game and they might pick Ken Griffey Jr. or Alex Rodriguez domestically, maybe Miguel Cabrera internationally. On the mound, they might point to the stir Stephen Strasburg created in his Draft year. But what if those talents could somehow come in the form of one single player, one who could impact the big league roster immediately on both sides of the ball? That's what teams considering bidding on Japanese phenom Shohei Ohtani are trying to figure out now that it seems certain he'll be posted this offseason. "I saw Griffey in the Minor Leagues and A-Rod as an amateur," one international scouting director said. "The buzz about Ohtani is similar to those guys and guys like Strasburg. Compared to Griffey and A-Rod, he isn't as polished a hitter and probably doesn't have the same upside. But he does have the chance to be a Strasburg. What is unique is that he does both." While scouting directors contacted for this story all did seem to lean toward liking Ohtani more as a pitcher, they generally agreed on two things: 1. Ohtani is good enough to hit at the highest level. 2. He really wants to do both, if possible, once he gets here.