The Atlanta Falcons are not going to move to Los Angeles. Amid negotiations for a new billionish-dollar stadium, owner Arthur Blank has reportedly made it known to the city that L.A. would like the Falcons, which, of course -- L.A. would like a NFL team, and the Falcons are a NFL team. [Update: Mayor Kasim Reed denies the Falcons brought up Los Angeles -- the majority of this post stands, regardless.] Zero percent chance of the team leaving (for one thing, L.A. Falcons sounds like a terrible police procedural), not that that would make Blank's reported move acceptable for the Atlanta sports fan. A few of the headlines no party involved will ever allow you to see: Local philanthropist billionaire moves team (after its only actual run of success in almost 50 years) Home Depot boycotted in its own corporate capital Atlanta allows third pro team to leave NFL abandons heart of Southeast to college football Granted, that new stadium is one very few Atlantans have been convinced is desirable, let alone necessary. The almost 21-year-old Georgia Dome looks great and shows no serious signs of age, and even though it won't host another Super Bowl and isn't up to World Cup code, there's no indication Atlanta's in danger of losing Final Fours, the SEC Championship Game, the Chick-fil-A Bowl and so forth.