Sunday's much-mockable meeting between the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns brings together two forlorn franchises, both of whom are expected to be in contention for the top pick in the 2018 draft, for a game dubbed by five-year-olds as "The Toilet Bowl." (That the Jets are .500 won't taint this tilt's stink.) Both fan bases, and likely both front offices, see this season as something of a lost cause, as neither team is expected to make the postseason, and would rather see their teams "tank", for lack of a better word, to gain prime position to select the player/quarterback of their choosing. But venerable Browns veteran Joe Thomas isn't so sure losing to ensure a coveted prospect is the best idea. "It's always fun for fans and the media to have that narrative because it gives you guys something to talk about," Thomas told Manish Mehta of the Daily News. "And for fans, I'm sure they enjoy the optimism of looking toward the future if they don't think that the present is bright. "But it seems like every year the player that you want to suck for ends up dropping and not being the top pick... or what you expected."