Shane Doan is the embodiment of dejection after every loss. You can see it on his face, you can hear it in his voice, and you can feel it in the air around him. Given that fact, it was hard to tell if Monday’s kick-in-the-unmentionables loss to San Jose hit Doan harder than most. This wasn’t just a loss, it was the final insult in a season filled with indignities. Confident that Greg Jamison was going to close the deal to buy this franchise, and confident that last season’s berth in the Western Conference Final was a stepping stone to bigger things, Doan -- then an unrestricted free agent -- signed a four-year deal worth about $21.2 million in the offseason to remain with the Coyotes through 2015-16. Then Ray Whitney left in free agency, and the 113-day NHL lockout killed any momentum this club had on the ice and in the community. Then came the news that Jamison could not complete the deal, and the Coyotes were once again open for bids. When goalie Mike Smith didn’t play like the 2011-12 version, and GM Don Maloney’s normally deft offseason touch turned to stone, and the Coyotes slipped back into the pack of also-rans, Doan was left with a familiar feeling. “Sure, it’s frustrating,” he said. “I expected for us to be better; better than we were last year.” When longtime Calgary Flame and franchise icon Jarome Iginila was dealt at the trade deadline to Stanley Cup contender Pittsburgh, you had to wonder whether Doan had any second thoughts about his offseason decision. He could have gone to a number of contenders in major markets – Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles among them. But he stuck by the only franchise he had ever known, loyal to the end – and some would say to a fault.