Trade Kyrie Irving? Not right now. Not before this summer, when the Cavaliers have a chance to offer him a five-year, $80 million contract extension. If Irving has no interest in signing a long-term deal. … If he wants to become the first player in NBA history to reject some sort of maximum contract while still on his rookie contract … If Irving wants out, then trade him. But that's a decision to be made after some long talks in the summer. Many in the fan base can't decide who is more at fault for the team's problems: A. General Manager Chris Grant. B. Coach Mike Brown. C. Irving, who just happens to be an All-Star. Irving is far from perfect this season, but he doesn't belong on the short list of the biggest problems. A very good player Does Irving deserve to start the All-Star Game? No, but he won the fan vote. But does he belong in the game? He's averaging 21.7 points, shooting .427 from the field and .362 on three pointers. Yes, he is an All-Star. This season, it seems as if Irving is passing less than in his first two seasons and throwing the ball away more often. But the stats say otherwise. He is averaging a career-high 6.2 assists and a career-low 2.6 turnovers. His defense is still shaky, but the truth is that players such as Irving rarely excel in that part of the game. You can argue that Irving's shooting has dropped in his three seasons: .469, .452 and .427 this season. The same on three-pointers: .399, .391 and .362. And yes, he can be immature at times. But Kyrie Irving is 21, averaging 21 points. Give him time to grow up.