Question: What does SMU need to do in order to knock off Connecticut in Storrs this weekend? Cowlishaw: Find some offense. This team struggles for long stretches at time to score points. They can defend anyone. Big game in the middle from Markus Kennedy would help as UConn fans, who saw him play about 50 pounds heavier at Villanova, say, "That's Markus Kennedy?" Question: How long will it take Steve Patterson to announce plans for a new basketball facility? Cowlishaw: Don't make me feel older than I am. When I was a student at UT, the Longhorns played in Gregory Gym up through my junior year and didn't move to the Super Drum until my senior year. We thought it was a palace. Camped out there for Springsteen tickets one weekend my first year out of college. Let's not tear it down...yet. In addition to all that self-serving stuff, it's not like UT basketball packs the place anyway. Question: Ironic that Larry Brown credits June Jones for helping him get the job at SMU, and LB's success points out that the football team has plateaued. How much longer before June's seat starts getting hot? Cowlishaw: I've felt (and I'm hardly alone on this) that rebuilding SMU's basketball team would be much easier than getting football back to where it once was. I think June needs to do better, no doubt about that, but I don't think there's a real dissatisfaction. Yet