The Tigers are being held to nearly impossible standards. Last season, when they won the pennant, some argued the Oakland Athletics were overmatched and the New York Yankees were beat up and brutal. So really, what had the Tigers accomplished? (Other than winning the American League I assume). This season, it’s more of the same. Sure, they’ve won 9 of their past 10 and kept pace with the torrid Kansas City Royals in the AL Central. But big deal, they beat up on the Houston Astros and took two out of three from the lowly Minnesota Twins. This thinking ignores the fact that the Tigers swept the Atlanta Braves (currently in first place in the NL East) and took two out of three from the Yankees (second place in the AL East). Apparently, the Tigers are supposed to win every game in dominant fashion to avoid any criticism. This is an exaggeration of course. Most fans are just fine with the way the Tigers are playing right now. And other than some mild concerns about the bullpen and some of the hitting at the bottom of lineup, all is good in Tiger land. Teams in all sports follow a pretty simple philosophy – winning cures everything. This isn’t college football or basketball, where strength of schedule comes into play. There are no “good losses” or “bad wins.” The Tigers’ winning ways represent a full 1/16th of their entire schedule. And they only lost one game. Is there a problem here?